Finally... A Personal Finance book for the average person

We all know the things we should do with our money, right?

Like paying low or no interest, only borrow what we can afford to pay back (if at all!), buy a house within our means, save a percentage of our income every paycheck, and the list goes on and on ... But why don't we?

Behaviour Before Math takes a different approach to personal finance. Instead of focusing on the math behind finances, we will look improving our own 'bad' behaviours that hold us back financially.

Hi, I'm David

I wrote Behaviour Before Math to solve a crucial problem the personal finance world is currently facing.

The problem is that most people, despite trying so very hard, are still unable to advance themselves financially. I'm sure you've seen it, or even faced it yourself. You listen to experts, guru's, friends and family members; they all tell you to budget and track your spending...

You try so hard to get ahead financially but can't seem to move the needle enough to make a difference. Heck - you may not be in that bad of a situation but just can't seem to get ahead.

It is really a shame because everyone makes it out to be so easy but the truth is that it requires a very specific type of person to implement the process that most experts and guru's preach about.

I've personally helped thousands of Canadians understand and improve their financial positions. I've condensed that knowledge into a 100 page book with practical exercises. This isn't knowledge based upon helping the wealthy get wealthier - it is based upon helping normal people, just like you, move towards the life they want to live.

I've got two offers for you:


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Stop trying everything when it comes to personal finances... start succeeding.


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Enjoy learning how to actually improve your finances.

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